Your Birthday’s Gemstone and What It Says About You

For years, astrologers have always associated a birthstone with every individual in accordance with his birth date. So, what is meant by this and what is the central concept behind this idea?

Well, the answer for this would be luck. These birthstones are known to carry either good luck or bad luck. This is the main reason why people are advised to choose the birthstone right for them.

During the ancient times, people believed that these birthstones are known to be very powerful. So, people were so cautious in wearing the wrong stone because it may cause a great disaster to them. If you want to know your birthstone and you want to wear it as accessory, check out the following:

January Birthstones

The birthstones for those who were born this month are garnet and rose quartz. The former symbolizes health, prosperity, perseverance and strength while the former is a symbol of emotional balance and forgiveness.

February Birthstones

If you are born in February, the right birthstones for you are amethyst and onyx. The former I a symbol of security, sobriety, spirituality and wisdom while the latter is known as the stone for comfort and relaxation.

March Birthstones

The people who were born this month need to get blood stone and aquamarine because they represent beauty, honesty, loyalty, happiness and endurance.

April Birthstones

Diamond which symbolizes eternal love, purity, clarity and invincibility and rock crystal which symbolizes energy, clarity and balance are two of the April birthstones.

May Birthstones

The two birthstones designed for those who were born in May are emerald panna Stone and chrysoprase. The former is said to attract vibes of foresight, understanding and patience while the latter symbolizes secrecy6 and fertility.

June Birthstones

The three birthstones for the month of June are Alexandrite, Moonstone and Pearl. Alexandrite is believed to embody joy, confidence and balance. Moonstone is also known to attract vibes of tender passion, god fortune and balance. Meanwhile, pearl is perfect for a lady because it embodies happiness, beauty, purity and modesty.

July Birthstones

People who were born in the month of July should have ruby and carnelian. The former is a symbol for promise, passion, integrity, success while the former is designed for travelers because it is a sign of luck and safety.

August Birthstones

If you are born this month, t you need to purchase peridot and sardonyx. If you are an ambitious person, the right stone for you is the former because it attracts success, protection, dignity and fame. Do you want to feel relaxed all the time? Then the right stone for you is the latter because of the fact that it symbolizes relaxation and security.

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September Birthstones

So, you are born in September. Then, the right stones for you are sapphire and lapis.

October Birthstones

Opal and tourmaline are the prominent birthstones for the month of October. The former gives a spirit of confidence, faith and hope while the latter attracts vibes of safety, endurance and balance.

November Birthstones

Two of the stones that represent the people born this month are citrine and topaz. These stones are designed for people who want to attract vibes of strength and cheerfulness.

December Birthstones

For those who were born in the month of December, the stones designed for them are tanzanite, zircon and turquoise. Now that you already know the gem for your birth date, you should get it now. It will surely make your overall appearance stand out in the crowd.

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How Big is Too Big for a Gemstone

A gemstone is a great accessory that can bring out a woman’s true beauty. There are manifold of these gemstones that are already in the earth’s crust ever since the world began. These precious stones are processed to be made into glittering and stunning jewelries. Actually, jewelry-making started as early as the first world civilizations. Nowadays, you can find the best jewelries, jewelry designs and jewelry shops all over the world. This is the reason why there is a so-called jewelry fashion that is so popular among ladies and women.

In jewelry fashion, there are so many things to consider in order to show that world that you are really in fashion. Some of them are as follows: kind of jewelry, outfit that you will match the jewelry, color and size. Even though the size seems very insignificant factor in jewelry fashion, it is the one that is very important in order for you to look good. If you would like to discover the right size of the gemstone that will work perfectly for your outfit, read on.

If you are wearing a shirt and jeans, you should not wear big and rounded gemstones because you will be marked a fashion victim. Of course, you should only wear the simplest and least glittery one to complement the overall simplicity of your outfit.

But let us say that you are attending a corporate party. Of course, you need to wear your best dress just like what you see the celebrities in Oscar’s are wearing. This is the right time for you to wear big earrings, rings and necklaces for you to stand out in the crowd.

If you would like to envision the size of the certain gemstone you want, you should not base on the carat weight of the gemstone. The gemstones vary in densities or mass per unit volume. So, this only means that that two gems appearing to be the same size may have different weights. Let us say for an instance that you would like to compare the sizes of the ruby and the diamond. Of course, the 1 carat ruby will look smaller as compared to the 1-carat diamond.

Another factor that will help you determine how big is too big for a gemstone is the dimension of the gemstone which is measured in millimeters. The gemstone dimensions are as follows: round, oval, trillion, marquise, octagon, pear, square and baguette.

The smallest size for round gemstones is 2.0mm while the largest is 8.0mm, for the oval gemstone the smallest is 5x3mm while the largest is 12x10mm, for the trillion gemstone the smallest is 3x3mm while the largest is 9x9mm, for the marquise gemstone the smallest is 4x2mm while the largest is 12x6mm, for the octagon gemstone the smallest is 5x3mm while the largest is 12x10mm, for the pear gemstone the smallest is 5x3mm while the largest is 11x9mm,for the heart gemstone the smallest is 3x3mm while the largest is 9x9mm, for the baguette dimension the smallest is s 4x2mm while the largest is 7x5mm.

These will be your basis in choosing the right size of gemstone that you will match your outfit. Actually, it is just a matter of balance.

Legendary Gem Designers to Get Inspiration From

Jewelry pieces will never exist without the gem and jewelry designers. They are not just skilled and expert in jewelry designing. Apart from that, they are also trained in metalsmithing. They are undoubtedly the reasons why we can choose from all forms of jewelry pieces of today that vary in colors, dimensions and sizes.

If you are an aspiring jewelry designer, there are several legendary gem designers that you can get inspiration from. Some of them are as follows: EXEX, Debra Shepard, Foxy Originals and Devon Leigh.

The popular creator of the EXEX line is Claudia Agudelo which works are fueled by exoticism and romance. In Agudelo’s designs, the warmth of femininity are expressed that is why when it comes to jewelries, her designs are one of the most preferred by ladies from all over the world. The EXEX line also has a great collection of different materials ranging from simple stone carvings all the way to leather and silver brands. Some of the Hollywood celebrities that helped the EXEX jewelry line come into popularity all over the world are as follows: Halle Berry, Eva Longoria and Jennifer Aniston.

  • Debra Shepard is also a renowned jewelry designer who specializes in designing crystal jewelry. In order to come up with a great masterpiece, she took jewelry designing into a higher level by mixing the following: natural elements, pearls, precious metals and Swarovski crystals. She used these materials effectively and appropriately to make world-class creations worn by Hollywood celebrities like Alicia Silverstone, Fergie Ferglison, Beyonce and Lindsay Lohan.

Foxy Originals has been launched in the jewelry industry because of the devotion, passion and perseverance of entrepreneurs Suzie Orol and Jen klugers who have been into jewelry designing ever since highschool. While Orol began to design a teenage jewelry line at her family company, Kluger was manufacturing her self-designed jewelry and sold them to jewelry shops. In college, the two met and became friends. Since they have the same interest, they started their jewelry brand called Foxy Originals which is a very popular jewelry line nowadays all over the globe. The celebrities who trust this jewelry line are as follows: Miley Cyrus, Tori Spelling, Kim Cattrall, Paris Hilton and many more.

The last renowned jewelry designer is Devon Leigh who became popular in her disposition to introduce breakthroughs in jewelry designing. He did this by adding a daring factor to her creations. She also uses offbeat materials in her jewelry while experimenting with the combinations of precious metals and gemstones. Just like other jewelry designers, jewelry designing was just Leigh’s hobby before until he took that great leap that made her a leading name in the jewelry industry.

The celebrities who greatly trust Leigh for her creations are the following: Hillary Duff, Christina Applegate, Jessica Simpson and many more.

If you are dreaming to conquer the world of jewelry design industry, you can gain lots of inspiration from the aforementioned legendary gem and jewelry designers. Like them, you too can succeed and make a name for yourself.

Top Gemstone Myths and Legends from History

The precious gems and stones are already on earth’s crust ever since the world began. This is the reason why the ancient civilizations used them as part of their lives. Aside from simply being ornaments, accessories and embellishments, these precious gems have also been associated with beliefs, myths and legends.


The myth associated with this gem is that it is worn on the throat in order to prevent asthma, hay fever and nasal congestion. According to ancient beliefs, this gem makes a woman smell more attractive to her lover. Some say that this can also heal diseases and ailments such as plague, deafness, loss of teeth, indigestion, goiter, erysipelas, asthma and whooping cough.


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Throughout the years, this gemstone is believed to protect people against infidelity, plagues, locusts, hail, storm, thieves and nightmares. If you are the type of person who always have a bust schedule, this gem is right for you because of the fact that it also encourages calmness. Don’t you want to fall in love foolishly? This gem is also perfect for you.


This precious gem is known to bring wisdom, popularity and success, prevent liver troubles and cure toothache as well.

This gemstone is believed to attract and to promote love. So, if you are loveless and you want to have someone beside you, wear this all the time. Ancient Egyptians believe that this can make the wearer more appealing to the opposite sex.


Just like the other gemstones, carbuncle is also known to protect against the following: stomach and throat disease, infections, plague and wounds. If you would like to be wealthy, you should have it because it is known to attract success in any kind of business. Because of its appearance and overall characteristics, it is also known to grow dim when danger and death are near.


This gem is believed to be a good protector against stomach troubles, indigestion, fever, lightning, impure thoughts and evil. If you know that you don’t have enough self-esteem and self-confidence, this precious stone is the right one for you because it vanishes fear and self-pity. If you have neuralgia and rheumatism, you need to get a white carnelian.

Cat’s Eye

This gem is also known to protect against all forms of diseases in the throat and chest. The ancient people also believe that possessing this gem can help them to be fortunate in no matter what they do or what they intend to do.


This precious stone is specially designed for women because it promotes sterility. Aside from that, it is also known to promote wisdom and reason. So, the wearer will feel more confident each time she wears it. But if her health declines, its hue will decline.


This precious gem is considered as girls’ best friend because it is the most preferred gems. According to beliefs, it wards off evil, protects against plagues and brings victory as well.

These are the top gemstone myths and legends from history. What are your thoughts on this? Share them below.

What Makes Garnets the Perfect Gem for All Skin Tones?

Are you the type of person who is so fond of collecting different types of jewelries because you find them so attractive and fashionable? Then you should not forget about the garnet because of the fact that it is the  most popular and most versatile jewelry of all time. What is great about this gemstone is that it does just not bring out the best in a woman but it also complements all skin tones as well.

But before you know the reason behind this, it is very important that you know what a garnet first. The word garnet is derived from the Latin word “granum” which means grain. This pertains to the usual round shape of garnet that also resembles the pomegranate seeds. This precious gem is known for its existence on earth for over a thousand years. In fact, it has been reported that the famous Bible character Noah used it in making a garnet to steer the Ark through the night’s darkness.

The garnet comes in different shades, hues and colors such as umbra-shades, fine earth, fiery orange, blue-green, blue, pale and bright yellow and green but the most prominent is the red one. The color change garnets are mostly spessartile and pyrope in composition. The following are some of the colorful members in the garnet family:Uvarovite— this is an emerald green type of garnet that strangely occurs in the gemstone quality.


  • Tapazolite— this garnet comes with a yellow to lemon yellow color.
  • Melanite— this garnet is an opaque black variation of andradite.
  • Demantoid— this is considered the garnet that comes with the highest value due to its green to emerald green color.
  • Andradite— this garnet comes with the colors yellow-brown, brown and black.
  • Tsavorite— the color of this garnet is green to emerald green
  • Leuco— this garnet is a colorless variation of grossularite
  • Hessonite— this garnet is brownish-reddish
  • Hydrogrossular—this is an opaque greenish variety of grossularite
  • Grossularite—this garnet is brown, yellow, green or colorless.
  • Spessartile—this is an orange to red-brown garnet.
  • Almandite—this is a red garnet which comes with a violet tint
  • Rhodolite—this garnet is purplish red or rose-color
  • Pyrope—this garnet is brown in color with a brown tint.

So, why do some people believe that this is the perfect gemstones for all types of skin tones? If you would like to know the answer, continue reading.

Actually, the hardness of 7-7.5 on the Moh’s scale explains why the garnet is a great type of precious stone that can match any skin tone. So, whether you are black, white or yellow-skinned, you will never have problems wearing this kind of precious stone. These garnets are also very sturdy and resistant so, you can wear them everyday without having difficulty in working into jewelry.

The garnet is undoubtedly one of the best precious stones in the world because it has the capability to adapt to different skin tones. So, why get any color now?